Between Origin and Spirit of Discovery

„bona’me“ has its origins in the Kurdish language and translates to „our house“. We strive tolet our guests to feel „at home“ and to experience oriental hospitality, dedication and love.

We want our guests to feel like being a part of the „bona’me“ family an induce them to return to our restaurant. „We“ means the four Dogan siblings being Yasemin, Munise, Ceyhun und Hüseyin Dogan.

About being a Host

We have been hosts for oriental cuisine for our friends since more than 25 years. A few years ago we felt that the time was ready to pair our food offering with a contemporary restaurant design. This is how the „bona‘me“ story started. It soon became reality with a high quality interior design: Urban, stylish but still cosy. We invested a lot to ensure that you as our guest feel that we care for you. A lot of people both inside our outside the oriental world (where, by the way, lots of the material are directly imported from) helped us in making our dream come true. Designers and craftsmen from orient and occident were involved in building our restaurants. They were part of our journey during the whole process from the first sketches to the finished restaurant.


Our story started in 2009. To date, we are operating 10 restaurants in Cologne (3), Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Hannover, Münster. We have a strong development agenda, and our aim is to have as many people as possible visit us and the oriental restaurant experience.